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Strategic Plan 2016 | 2020

“To discover and share knowledge about plants and their environment in order to preserve and enrich life”

-mission of the Missouri Botanical Garden

Strategic Directives



Financial Planning & Continuity


Henry Shaw’s vision

and our rich history have served as the foundation for the growth and prominence of the Missouri Botanical Garden in the St. Louis community and throughout the world for over 150 years. Today, our mission has never been more relevant or important. Plant diversity, the world’s greatest renewable natural resource, is being lost at an alarming rate, and we must act with the greatest urgency to document and conserve it before it is too late. 

This Strategic Plan reflects the Garden’s commitment to this critical challenge. The Missouri Botanical Garden has recognized and accepted its responsibility to be an effective leader, mentor, advocate, and practitioner of environmental protection at home and throughout the world. 

The 2008-14 Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board of Trustees in December 2007, was largely oriented toward the functional success of our operating divisions, and the challenging economy in the early years of that plan required a reevaluation of our priorities as we sought progress toward our goals. Nevertheless, the 2008-2014 Plan provided an excellent planning basis toward 2020.

 Our work up to 2020 will embody the successes of past programs infused with a strategic focus on four key directions for the Garden: leading Plant Conservation and enhancing our role as a premier Cultural Institution, while growing our Organizational Capability and ensuring stability and continuity through Financial Planning. 

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"Together, we can apply our knowledge and expertise to address real global issues."

Dr. Peter Wyse Jackson

President of the Missouri Botanical Garden

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